RGP - Extracts Explore Magazine Volume 1 Issue 2



Plant Growth Study IFAS' First Foray Into Space

Education Key To Preventing Sexual Harassment

Computer Helps Doctors Track Patients Better

$3.75 Million Grant To Fund Lupus Study

Archaeologist Uncovers Early Fort In St. Augustine

Targeted Ethnic Advertising Gaining Popularity

Gene Could Help Veggies, Fruits, Flowers Last Longer

Florida Aquaculture Hopes To Add Sturgeon To Menu

Florida Beach Projects Get Record Funding From State

Floridians Support Money For Medical Research

Youths Tried As Adults Reoffend More Quickly

photo by: Ray Carson

Something Fishy: Senior biologist George Burgess oversees the more than 2 million specimens in the Florida Museum of Natural History's fish collection. The largest collection of fish in the Southeast is an unparalleled source of information on three key south Florida ecosystems: Florida Bay, the Everglades and the Florida Keys.

Database Provides Monumental Information

Killer Bird Survived Continental Collision

Midnight Feeding Of Hens Improves Eggshell Quality