Explore Magazine Volume 2 Issue 2


Jerry Uelsmann, graduate research professor of art at the University of Florida, has long been recognized as the contemporary master of photographic montage. Uelsmann creates his striking images by manipulating up to eight negatives per photo through multiple enlargers in his Gainesville darkroom.

After viewing a demonstration of Adobe Corp.'s Photoshop software, Uelsmann realized the program's potential applications in his work. Photoshop is capable of holding many scanned images on separate electronic layers. Each layer can then be manipulated and combined to make the final composite.

So, in an intensive three-day creativity session in his studio, Uelsmann performed his photographic magic electronically, using three photographs to create the image above. Adobe provided a complete computer system and a company representative to assist. Adobe published the resulting image as a poster promoting Photoshop.

Uelsmann's work is permanently represented in many major collections, including the Metropolitan Museum in New York and the Royal Photographic Society in London. He has published three books through University Press of Florida: Uelsmann: Process and Perception, Jerry Uelsmann: Photo Synthesis and Uelsmann: Yosemite.

For more information, visit Adobe's World Wide Web site at http://www.adobe.com/studio/tipstechniques/uelsmann/main.html. Or visit the Jerry Uelsmann home page at http://luxurytrim.com/Uelsmann/